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Psycat Pro ensures scientific decision making in hiring and evaluating mindsets Psycat Pro is a scientifically validated and standardized predictive analysis assessment tool for Evaluation, Pre-Hiring, Mass Hiring, Talent Management, Team Building, Collective Intelligence and Human Resource Positioning

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Your art of hiring, complemented with cognitive science can significantly increase certainty in outcomes

Psycat - The world's 1st Traits Assessment Tool for Adults. Validated & Standardized.

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  • A comprehensive assessment system for the corporate sector and organizations, where human behaviour, traits, collective intelligence and culture is valued the most
  • An excellent tool for employers, job-seekers, gig-workers, trainers, coaches and growth hungry individuals

Psycat Pro assesses, identifies and measures the following

Behavioural Traits

Assess and evaluate 8 key traits that matter the most at the workplace

Cognitive Profile

Cognition is all that matters for action and in challenging times

Natural Ability & Strengths

Adaptation is the key to success, how well and quick - basis your strengths

Collective Intelligence

Collective Intelligence influences the productivity of an organization

The best predictor of professional success

Psycat Pro evaluates and analyzes

Behavioural Traits

  • Patience Level
  • Attitude Score
  • Emotional Sense
  • Social Intelligence
  • Planning & Spontaneity
  • Tactfulness & Diplomatic Ability
  • Obsessive Level

Cognitive Profile

  • Dynamic IQ
  • Focus-Concentration
  • Decision-Making Ability
  • Attention Span
  • Cognitive Capacity
  • Learning Pace
  • Dominant Thinking Pattern

Natural Ability & Strengths

  • Linguistic Adaptation
  • Logical Adaptation
  • Visual Adaptation
  • Physical Adaptation
  • Interpersonal Adaptation
  • Intrapersonal Adaptation
  • Musical Adaptation
  • Naturalistic Adaptation

Psycat evaluates and analyzes

Behavioral Traits

  • Patience Level
  • Attitude Score
  • Emotional Sense
  • Social Intelligence
  • Planning & Spontaneity
  • Tactfulness & Diplomatic Ability
  • Obsessive Level
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Psycat Standardization, Validity & Reliability

Core: International Journal of Research & Analytical Reviews. Impact Factor 3.5. (2017)

Additions via: Inderscience UK, European Journal of Behavioral Science, International Journal of Indian Psychology and various

10+ Years

Research work in applied cognitive science by CRACSLAB carried forward to Psycat Pro development

6+ Years

Dedicated research work in core development, validation, reliability and standardization

1098 males & 952 females

Culturally diverse subjects were part of the longitudinal study for validation process

Cracslab Backed

Test item development, indexing, norm referencing, field research and documentation of primary version

PSYCAT Standarization Report

File size: 87.53 KB

Development and Standardization of Psycat: A Psychometric and Cognitive Ability Test & Assessment. Published in IJRAR (International Journal of Research and Analytical Reviews), 2017


PSYCATPRO Re-Standardization

File size: 1.30 MB

Adaptation and re-standardization of PSYCAT PRO a multi-dimensional measure of human psychometrics. Published in IJCRT (International Journal of Creative Research Thoughts), 2021


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"The cost of a wrong hire can run into hundreds of thousands or even millions, not to mention the potential negative impact to an organisation's culture, morale and productivity"
"It costs $7,000 to replace a salaried employee, $10,000 to replace a mid-level employee, and $40,000 to replace a senior executive"
"As much as 80% of employee turnover is due to bad hiring decisions"
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